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It’s the season of hot drinks, pretty snowy views, parties at home with friends, with the family. We are so excited about the Christmas party that we have already decorated everything around us. We’re ready with men’s gifts , Christmas cards and even shortbread cookies. Today our team has chosen to present 75 beautiful ideas for the Christmas manicure.

The reason we decided to write on this subject is that nail decoration can be as charming as the decoration of the house.Below this page you will find 75 photos, tutorials and even more info for the best Christmas themed nail art. It’s up to you to choose the pattern and decide if you want to recreate it yourself or with the help of a specialist in your beauty salon.

The colors that are currently trendy are: red, green, all the golden and shiny shades (also suitable for the New Year’s party), the light blue that pulls the color of the ice. The preferred forms are fir, balls, flakes of snow.Those of you who love extraordinary drawings can also find inspiration on this page. In addition to the classic ideas for your Christmas manicure, we present original ideas. Find unique and so beautiful designs that you will want to apply them to your nails as you see them.

Feel free to experiment. It is true that there is also the possibility of doing something that is not quite what you imagined. Yet it is a temporal varnish. If that’s not what you wanted, you can erase it and try again.

Red is a classic color for a Christmas manicure

Cool idea what pattern to choose for your original Christmas manicure

Wonderful idea for original Christmas manicure and very cute

A variation of the french manicure to shine in green, red and white this year

Nice idea for winter nail decoration – red, black and gold in square

Beautiful pastel colors that combine well to create an owl effect

Manicure that represents a snowy night – cool idea that goes with all your outfits

Simple idea how to decorate your nails nicely – gilded line to remind you Christmas

Adorable idea for the decoration of your nails simple and brilliant at the same time