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As Valentine’s Day approaches, preparations and agitation increase with each passing minute. You too are excited? Looking for how to surprise? How to make an impression with a Valentine’s Day outfit ? The finishing touch for women is the original manicure . See here a rich selection of unique and aesthetic ideas. Find a cool design to complete your vision!

Original manicure for Valentine’s Day

There is only a week left until February 14th. The shops are all decorated with hearts, angels and other symbols of love. Shop windows abound with cute items and gifts. The spirit of Valentine’s Day is everywhere. However, creative people prefer to take everything in their hands. The DIY decoration, beauty treatments.

Women are full of tasks. In order to decrease the pressure, we come to your help. We know how important it is for a lady to look good. One of the key details is the original manicure. In the following article you will find a thousand awesome ideas for creating a unique nail art.

Trendy colors for the feast of love are red, pink, white and black. The nude base is also very current. For decoration – hearts, angels, love letters, stars, roses, dots and geometric lines are welcome. You can use a nail brush or a simple toothpick to draw the mini shapes. The stickers are a perfect alternative if you can not draw.

Trendy colors for the feast of love

White nails with rose decoration

Red and bright hearts