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Homemade meatloaf! Every Thanksgiving, I make this amazing meatloaf. It’s my kid’s favorite! I usually top it with cheese and let it melt on top. It is really good. It makes them very excited! I did not include it on the recipe because some might not like it. It’s awesome though so I highly recommend it. My mom taught me this recipe. She is very skillful when it comes to the kitchen. One time, as I was watching her do her thing, I was so fascinated with the way she moved around the kitchen. It was like a choreographed performance on broadway. Everything was in place and every move was calculated. That’s when I decided to be as good around the kitchen just like my mom. I will never be as good as my mom but somehow I learned a lot from her. This recipe I am sharing with you today is just one of the recipes she loves to cook. It also became my favorite dish to serve on special occasions hence, thanksgiving! It’s the one day my family gets together so I always cook Meatloaf to remind them of the good old days. Anyway, I’m sorry for the long introduction. Here you go! The best meatloaf you will ever taste!