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A delicious fluffy biscuit is all well for every meal, and if it’s homemade, it somehow tastes even better. Perhaps, even more, when only four ingredients and almost no effort in baking the biscuits. These 7-Up Biscuits are the kind of recipe that seems too good to be true, easy to prepare, and delicious thanks to several shortcuts, which create the perfect texture and taste for biscuits. They are home-cooked but not at all since they rely on a few shortcut-style ingredients for their bread. They are home-cooked. The first one is Bisquick, maybe the ultimate fast-fix kitchen.

When only four ingredients are concerned, it feels very effortless to bring home-made fresh biscuits daily onto the table, which does not make it worry about rolling or cutting or something fussy. They are super fast, and it just happens that they are super delicious too.